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Light Meter LM-3000

No Handheld Meter Required

Why waste money on a hardware meter when you’re already carrying one in your pocket?
We offer the same quality and usability than a handheld light meter.

Proven Accuracy

The Light Meter LM-3000 is even more accurate than almost any cheap light meter available.
It is tested and calibrated using professional Class A equipment for all iPhones and iPads — truly a light meter you can trust!

No Sensor Required

You won't need any additional light sensor — the camera already got you covered.

No Ads

Our app is equipped with a clean and simple user interface and most importantly: No Ads!

Light Meter Comparison

We compared our app against various other light meters and light meter apps and can confidently state that no other product even comes close in terms of accuracy.

A comparison of common light meters

We've written an in-depth article comparing all the light meter apps we could find on the App Store in more detail.

Trusted by Thousands

We use the same technology as in our flagship product Photone- Grow Light Meter that already has many thousands of happy users.

vitvorg – Jan 21, 2020
Useful and user friendly with a very involved attentive developer!
Best app on the AppStore to estimate PPFD for growing plants. I’m a botanist, and so I know this app won’t replace a $400 par meter, but for quick estimations with your phone? This app is more than worth it. The hold feature is super useful. The background shows a grainy picture that gives you instant feedback that you are aiming your phone correctly, which is a unique feature that even the expensive PAR meters do not have. A suggestion to the developer for a future update would be for the background preview picture to freeze when the hold option is used. The hold option right now freezes the reading which is useful for measuring at actual leaf locations and orientations, but the background picture does not freeze with the reading. It would be amazing for the background image to freeze with the hold measurement, so when you pull your phone back you could see that you were aiming the phone correctly and you could see what you were aiming at when the hold measurement was taken.
ZeelandsRoem – Jan 1, 2021
Great app
The only accurate app I’ve found so far, as long as you follow the instructions.
Crankdoctor – Feb 24, 2020
Helped so much.
I tried a couple apps and nobody had one for different lighting so this was a great step above. I purchased a new grow light and had it to low and to high for a week. Almost toasted my plants. I could only find around about how high I needed it on web. I seen this app and it could read led white and red together so I was on it! Needles to say it put me in the sweet spot and plants are loving light now thanks to this app. It’s a game changer. I’m sold!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to repurchase the unlimited battery when I buy a new device or reinstall the app?

No. Just download the app normally and tap 'Restore Purchase' when the unlimited battery screen is shown.

Why can't I switch to the rear camera?

To measure illuminance, you need to measure the light that falls upon a surface. Using the rear camera, you'd measure exitance, light that gets reflected by a surface.


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