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We build user-friendly and affordable mobile apps, for best-in-class light measurements on any smartphone.

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About Us

We're Lightray Innovation, a Switzerland-based company on a mission to put an accurate, easy-to-use light meter into everyone's pocket through the devices we already have. Our small team of engineers turned scientists has one goal: To offer the best possible light measurement in a smartphone or tablet, at a fair price, in a helpful, user-friendly package.

Apps That Enlighten

We build best-in-class light measurement apps tailored to meet specific application needs.

Photone - Grow Light Meter

If you're growing plants under artificial light, keeping control of your light is imperative. The Photone app measures PAR as PPFD and calculates the daily light integral (DLI) — truly a must have for every grower.

Light Meter LM-3000

The Light Meter LM-3000 makes professional-quality illuminance measurements accessible to anyone. With straightforward operation in a compact form, the LM-3000 measures lux or foot-candle simply and accurately.

Our Commitment

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we donate at least one percent of all our revenue to environmental nonprofit organizations. Together, we make an impact.

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