Transform Your Smartphone Camera Into a Professional Light Meter

The Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory enables your smartphone to measure light at top-level accuracy without any compromises.

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Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory

One Accessory, Many Benefits

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Best-In-Class Accuracy

Forget flimsy, inaccurate light meters. With the diffuser attachment, you'll get professional-grade measurement accuracy from your smartphone. Rivaling expensive hardware meters at a fraction of the cost.

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Excellent Cosine Correction

The accessory's sophisticated design provides your smartphone light meter with an ideal directional response. This leads to accurate measurement results in real-world scenarios where light strikes from different directions.

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Premium Quality

The Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory was developed and tested in a Swiss optics laboratory. Every piece shipped is hand-assembled and has passed strict quality control.

What You Get

With the Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory, you'll get a clip-on diffuser that attaches on your device's front camera. It is tested and designed to work with every iPhone and iPad.

A Lightray app with a Diffuser & Cosine Corrector attached

How It Works

The semi-transparent white disc at the heart of the accessory is a perfect diffuser. It consists of a microscopically rough surface, created by fine particles and structures embedded in the material. As light enters the diffuser, it's scattered in many directions resulting in a uniform glow exiting the diffuser. This allows your device to take an accurate light measurement using the camera as a light sensor.

Assembly of the Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory

Even further, the mechanical assembly allows the accessory to act as a Cosine Corrector, enabling light to hit from any direction without causing measurement errors.

Ideal cosine correction with the Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory

Developed and perfected by a team of Swiss optics experts and researchers at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, the Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory provides you with professional-grade results. It was rigorously tested in an optical laboratory with a wide number of devices to perfect a smartphone's light measurement capabilities.

Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory

Combined with one of our apps it meets international light measurement standards as described in ISO/CIE 19476. Every piece manufactured is assembled by hand and is required to pass a strict quality control. Our technology is patent pending under US 63/463,568.

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