Using The Diffuser Accessory: Compatibility, Setup, and Care

Discover all you need to ensure device compatibility and proper usage of your Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory.

Device Compatibility

Before purchasing or diving into the details of using your new diffuser accessory, it's crucial to confirm that your device is compatible.

Apple Logo iOS (Apple)

iPhone: All models starting from the iPhone 5S (2013) onwards
iPad: All models released after 2013

Android Logo Android (Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.)

Not supported yet! We are diligently working to extend support for Android users. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated as we work towards this goal.

App Configuration

Select "Diffuser Accessory" within the app's diffuser type settings.

When changing diffusers, always make sure the setting matches your current diffuser type.


Simply clip the diffuser accessory over your device's front camera. Make sure the entire area around the camera and the diffuser's surface are clean (see cleaning instructions).

Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector

If you're using a protective case, make sure the accessory fits tightly and there's no gap.


For maximum longevity, store the Diffuser & Cosine Corrector accessory within its bag at room temperature whenever not in use. Never disassemble the diffuser accessory.

Lightray Diffuser & Cosine Corrector


Any dirt (e.g. fingerprints) must be removed from the area around the front camera before attaching the diffuser accessory. Simply rub it away with a lint-free cloth. For stubborn dirt, slightly dampen the cloth with a screen cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol.

If dust or other particles have accumulated on the diffuser (white disk) they can be safely removed with oil-free compressed air. Greasy dirt can be removed with a clean, lint-free cleaning cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

Help Needed?

Visit our support resources if you need further assistance.